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"Ministry is about treating people right and making a difference."

It's about The Doing!

Meet George

Interfaith Minister and Active Community Member

Senior Citizen Hall of Fame

"As a former Director of Senior Citizen Services, I nominated many seniors during my 20 year tenure. For some reason I thought one needed to be 65, but no it's 60. It was quite surprising and tremendously humbling to be selected from over 200 talented and dedicated volunteers from Hudson Valley Hospital. It was further humbling to be one of four people thought Westchester County to be placed in the "Special Recognition" category -- A day I will never forget. I invited my friends Jeni, Elenora, and Marie who were past recipients of the award. Sadly Marie, 96, (sitting at right) has since passed away. She continues to influence my efforts to this day."


Director of Senior Citizen Services

Rev. George served as Director of Senior Citizen Services (click on the highlighted text to be redirected to an article from when George was the "youngest" senior) for the Town of Greenburgh, NY from 1994 to 2013. He and his staff personally welcomed every new participant. His accomplishments included:

  • A monthly Theater Program

  • A Talent Show for those 50+

  • Hosting the public access program and web-site, ”Senior Citizen Topics and Resources”, and “Red Carpet” service.

  • Monthly special events, including a Martin Luther King Jr. Inter-generational Celebration, a Thanksgiving Lunch, Tags Sales, and weekly entertainment.

  • Started an inter-generational program involving homebound seniors and High School students in 1998. The program used “WebTV,” which allowed conventional CRT Televisions to use the internet.

  • Started the “Because We Care” visits to former program participants who now lived in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.


Rev. George  has been recognized for various accomplishments including:

  • Being named as Greenburgh Employee of the month twice

  • Westchester County Executive’s office for the MLK Event

  • Young Adult Institute’s Inclusion Award for opening up the senior citizen program to those with developmental disabilities

  • State Senator’s Award for integrating the “Asian-American Evergreen  Club" within the senior program.


When Rev. George retired, Supervisor Paul Feiner recognized his contributions with a Proclamation, naming April 13th, 2013 as “George Coniglio” Day.

The Origin of George's Ministry:

"Two weeks after retiring in 2013, I met with the Volunteer Department at a local hospital. After many years of working with people, I wished to stay involved and active in meaningful work. No stuffing envelopes! I was thinking I would be part of the dog therapy program. You would go in a patient room with a dog and everyone smiled. The Volunteer Director, Tonja Inlaw, who was aware of my previous work with senior citizens, suggested, “Why don’t you become a Chaplain?“ I said, "Like Father Mulcahey from the TV show, "MASH"?"


I had second thoughts. While I did visits to hospitals and nursing homes, these were people I knew, and most of the time my staff came with me. This was very different: I would be alone with people that I never met. I decided to try it with the provision that, if it didn’t work out, I would work with the therapy dogs. When I completed the training, I shadowed the experienced Chaplains, and later on I'd report to the Hospital expecting to shadow a Chaplain... and was surprised to learn I am going to “fly solo.” "You are ready!" I am!? "Report to the fourth floor!"

Did anyone ever talk you into riding a roller coaster? Remember the feeling when the ride is slowly going up? Ever ask yourself, "why did I do this? I want to get off. The scary part is about to begin." This is exactly how I felt as I went from the first to the fourth floor to visit my first patients, alone. It was awkward... and the next room I visited felt the same... and the next. But we prayed, talked, and it got better with each patient I visited. The nervousness was eventually replaced with anticipation of the next visit. Today it’s among my best experiences ever. A privilege to serve... of connection and faith."

Recent Ministries:

  1. Weekly Food Rescue

  2. Twice Monthly Inter-Faith Services

  3. Chaplain visits to hospitals, service programs, and out-patient clients, and storytelling to children

  4. Group facilitator at homeless shelter

George's Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science, Lehman College, Jan 1980

  • Master of Science, Lehman College, Recreation Education, June 1986

  • Master of Public, Administration, Pace University, June 1990

  • Inter-Faith Studies, Claremont-Lincoln University

  • Certificates: Spellbinders storytelling, NYS Ombudsman Training, Prepare-Enrich Certification, Church Social Media Certificate, Improving Sermons and Bible Study Workshop.

Ordination on June 28th, 2016: One year after being successfully treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering, NYC.

Favorite books:

"Oneness; Great Principles Shared by All Religions" by Jeffrey Moses, "The Interfaith Prayer Book" by Ted Brownstein, "Prayers for Healing" by Maggie Oman, and "Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles: Stories of Ageless Courage, Humor, and Faith" by Charles Tindell.


Rev. William Barbara, Rev. John Pavolitz., Chaplain Paul Butler, and Rev. Mike Gruteke.

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