• George Coniglio

"INCLUDE ME" writer unknown

Invite me into the circle and guide me to the spot that bears my name

Escort me with a steadying touch, loose your hold and bear me aloft

Include my joy and ebullience, my hope and promise,

The tracks of endless tears and the wounds of struggle and pain

that have marked the past.

Include me raw and refined, defiant, quiescent

Include me enriched and diminished, broken and healed

Embrace me as the one anointed and demeaned,

Privileged and impoverished by stature, circumstance

or the trajectory of an inconstant moon.

Include my willingness.

Reap the fruits of surrender I have cultivated for this moment

Lead me through a doorway unadorned, a hallway lined with latency,

Pass the drinking gourd so that all who thirst,

May sip the undiluted nectar of belonging.

Include me as woman, man, brother, sister, parent, and child

Include me offering and offered, receiving and giving, creator and creation

Weave the strands of my soul into a blossoming tapestry of voices,

Joined by the shared heart of humanity and a long-aching hunger for unity.

Use every part of me

Include the infinitesimal and the inestimable

Lift me at once to my full height and humility

Draw out my hidden gifts and squandered talents

And draw me into the arms of others who await my arrival.

I am here in this Now,

Filled with passion, with purpose

My prayer but so simple:

Include me.


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