• George Coniglio

Mom's Day Prayer


This Mother’s Day we come together as a Community to give thanks and our unending gratitude for all Moms.

The Moms in waiting, as well as the Moms no longer on this Earthy plane.

We acknowledge their sacrifice plus the sometimes unseen dedication and commitment of their special love.

The many hats they wear is nearly endless… mentor, teacher, caretaker, coach, and counselor. It’s a job which knows no boundaries of time for it’s duties are required 24/7 for a lifetime. A Mom is the President of our an Club.

For those children growing into independence, Moms walk the line of saying too much and on occasion find themselves bravely remaining silent while life unfolds to be the teacher. No easy task. Moms bear witness to our journey throughout life… the special moments, the disappointments, the joys, and the sorrows.

While relationships can change and end… Moms are always there. They are the steadfast constant. When you think about it Moms are …..LOVE.

In the end it is always love which prevails and triumphs. Love which unites us. And love which is at the core of each of us.

That is our undisputed commonality.

We are humble in asking God to bless and watch over our Moms and for us to honor them by keeping love as our lifetime companion.


Rev. George Coniglio


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