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Much thanks to Sharon Rubinstein for a lovely article. Jan Peek is a terrific place to volunteer! "

"Spotlight on “Positive Peek,” and volunteer George Coniglio

Every Tuesday at 11 a.m., a group of Jan Peek House residents gather together, alternating leadership roles in activities as diverse as meditating, playing games (“Family Feud” is a favorite), sharing stories, and sometimes uniting in non-denominational prayer. The weekly sessions have won a loyal following, and volunteer George Coniglio is happy to be both an initiator and participant, while residents come to the fore. “I began to visit Jan Peek last April. My goal was not so much to facilitate efforts but to encourage residents to lead activities. Jan Peek residents named the weekly sessions ‘Positive Peek.’ It has been among my most rewarding endeavors,” says George. In total, George has been volunteering with CHHOP for about five years, first fighting hunger with food deliveries. After retiring from his day job in southern Westchester, he enrolled in a chaplaincy training program and was ordained as an interfaith minister. In addition to his efforts for CHHOP, he brings his energy and commitment to nursing homes, hospitals, adult residences, an outpatient clinic, and local schools for a children’s reading program. “I love people. I love making an impact and love supporting the efforts of others making an impact,” he says about his chock-full schedule. George gets a weekly dose of heart-filling interactions each Tuesday at Positive Peek. “Many of the Jan Peek stories are inspirational. People have overcome great hardships with dignity and grace,” he says. “When Tuesday morning comes along, I very much look forward to visiting my neighbors at Jan Peek.”

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