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Much thanks to Trena Taylor and Believers of NY;

"Worship through the DOING and SHARING.

Faith without works is dead.” James 2: 26

Zakat is a religious duty for all Muslims to help the needy.

Tzedakah Instructs and compel all Jews to give to charity and treat people who are less fortunate with compassion.

Dāna In Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, is the practice of cultivating generosity.

There is beautiful commonality among many religions.

I believe we are meant to reach out to our neighbors with diverse beliefs. In doing so we discover shared direction and values. Pastoral care in it’s most basic form doesn’t set criteria for bedside prayers, support, and solace.. only need.

What kind of Minister am I? Think bath robe.. One size fits all!

Sometimes an Atheist may say I’m not interested in prayers.. I say it’s ok..I’ll only charge you a 50.00 non believer’s fee. That gets a laugh and we then have a discussion. What a gift to encourage people to consider new possibilities.

I have felt God’s presence in patient rooms, in homeless shelters, nursing homes, and preaching about empathy. I love empathy… doing it, talking about it, and encouraging it. We need more empathy!!!

One guiding principal for self assessment.. Does what you do bring you closer to God? Not sure…does it respect worth and dignity?

Do your actions have a positive impact? Are those around you better for knowing you?"

- George Coniglio

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