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Pastoral Direction

A VERY NICE COMMENT FROM SOMEONE I JUST MET; "My guess is that you will stay in the ministry because you don’t buy into the pet theological dogmas that so many people use to prove that God loves them best. When you don’t have to spend your time proving that women shouldn’t pastor churches, or same sex marriages are an abomination, or that people of other faiths can’t know God, etc., then you can spend your time in actually ministering to real, live, individual people!! (or something like that . . . Am I close?)" ·

MY REPLY," BINGO!!! LOL Karen did you check my webpage? That is exactly the direction of my ministry. I promote inclusivity, I've married LGBTQ couples, I see no reason why women can't become ministers, plus I don't see any one religion having an monopoly on God and good works.

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